Is This The Future Of Memory?!

If you have been keeping up with Intel since 2015 then you should know a little about a thing called Optane or 3D Xpoint if not then no worries, I am here to fill you all in.

Intel officially showed off 3D Xpoint in 2015, in short Intel have been making a fast, inexpensive and non-volatile memory device that will make the fastest NAND tech (fastest SSD) look like Nintendo 64 vs an Xbox One S.

To find out more about this revolutionary tech keep reading —>

Intel have had the great idea to marry both system memory and storage memory together, these two pictures below show the difference between what we use now and what 3D XPoint will look like.


Screenshot (29)

3D Xpoint (Optane)

Screenshot (28)

3D Xpoint will make the computer work less to process and store data, which in turn will make the process much faster, incredibly up to 1000x faster and 10x denser than todays traditional storage.

Screenshot (26)It will also use the best quality’s from NAND and DRAMĀ  lowering cost, making it non volatile with the added benefit of it being fast, really fast. take a look at this picture.

The last time any thing this revolutionary was released in the storage world was in 1966 with the making of DRAM or in 1971 with flash’s predecessor EPROM.

With such fast processing power the obvious market to look at is gaming, will this affect gaming? The answer is yes, computers will load quicker, load screens will disappear, and loading a new level will be almost instant, never mind recording your gaming.

When is this revolutionary type of storage going to be released you ask? Well to be completely honest we don’t know just yet. It’s supposed to be released later this year (2017) but as yet, there’s no official launch date.

I’ll Keep you updated.

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