Super Mario Odyssey gameplay trailer, release date

Quick Facts:

release date: Holiday 2017
Format: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Nintendo
Price: TBC

This Trailer is full of hints to what the game will play like!


According to Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario Odyssey is a return of the core, open-world Mario gameplay style of Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. It would be rude to immediately tell him to ‘shut up and take our money’, but essentially that’s all we needed to hear. Odyssey is the next true 3D Mario game, it’s exclusive to Switch, and we’re probably in for something very, very special. But, after duly picking up the money that bounced off the screen, what can we learn from this teaser?

Super Mario Odyssey release date is Q4 2017 and its setting is New Donk City, which freshly creates new city world for you to free roam which for me will make me get into the Mario series again because its different. The city environment creates plenty of new things to see and do, as Mario bounces off the hoods of yellow taxis, swings on street lamps, and wall jumps between buildings to reach the rooftops. He can also have a go on the skipping rope two NPCs are happily playing with in the park.

Mario’s hat is now sentient and also simultaneously the newest/oldest character in the series, which is an impressive feat. You can throw it like a boomerang, allowing you to attack enemies, after which it returns to your head, even if you’ve moved from the spot you threw it from.

To see the full article and the Source of Information go to ->GamesRadar


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