AMD Unveils new Naples 64 Core Zen CPU

AMD have just released their new Zen CPU named “Naples” this CPU has a total Core count of 64-core/128-thread.

If you compare it to the Intel 2-soket server it has almost double the results some times even more(in a good way).

When they ran a seismic analysis workload that also involved an intensive 3D wave equation (That taxes it to the max) The Naples basically thrashed the Intel Xeon server. the first test released was ran with the exact same cores and memory and as you can see it doubled the speed of the Intel.

But the second test the Naples was running at its full potential and went 2.5x faster than the Intel.

The first look we’ve had of the “Naples” was just over a month ago when they released this picture which shows the architecture of this beast of a CPU.


Naples is stated to launch in Q2 of 2017, though AMD hasn’t reveled cost of the various different models yet. AMD will be partnering with other companies to bring the servers to market.

By CTechGaming

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